Tray Wrapping, Overwrapping Food Grade Stretch Film | Clute Packaging

Tray Wrapping, Overwrapping Food Grade Stretch Film

Tray Wrapping, Overwrapping Food Grade Stretch Film

Bio Based

Clute Pure Bio Based Overwrap Stretch Films

Clute Packaging presents the BIOBASED PURE food wrap. A technological advance which contributes to considerably reduce the use of plastic materials during its manufacturing. In fact, the PURE films are made with 70% NON- FOSSIL RAW MATERIALS; Sea salt for the pvc resin and soybeans oil as a stabilizer. The difference is made up of plasticizers which are all plant base.

Clute PURE films are also the only ones to hold the OK BIOBASED TUV AUSTRIA certificate. In addition, we have the FDA, KOSHER, and BRCGS certificates which is the world reference in certification for food packaging. All our BIOBASED FILMS ARE 100% RECYCLABLE.

Clute PURE BIO BASED FILMS offer you different alternatives for your packaging needs. The PURE film is specially manufactured for the automatic packaging machine of the Digi brand. Our PURE UNIQUE film meets all the needs of each of your manual departments: meat, fish, produce, bakery, cheese and deli. PURE HP film is ideal for high performance equipment used in production lines. PURE DMF film is a drilled mushroom film specially designed for high performance packaging machines for mushroom growers.

There are only marked advantages available to you by using CLUTE PURE FILMS! Mostly, you collaborate in the reduction of plastic materials in each of your packaging,which contributes to being more responsible towards the environment.

Innovation, performance, superior quality; this is what CLUTE PURE FILMS offer you! With 45 years of experience and achievements in our European factories, PURE FILMS are the result of our expertise and continuous research. Get our Premium Quality Films, you will see the difference.