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Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.

Clute Packaging Systems Ltd. is a regional distributor of Industrial Packaging Machinery and expendable commodities for the Industrial and Agricultural Markets. We are located in London, Ontario Canada and provide product and services to a wide variety of businesses throughout the province of Ontario.

We focus on the development of current, safety compliant and cost effective packaging solutions that satisfy our customer needs. This may include the best choice of machine, expendable commodity or aftermarket service.

Our machinery partners include Orion Packaging, a world renowned manufacturer of Stretch Wrapping Systems; Ossid LLC, strongest in its class of high-speed Tray Wrap Machinery, Texwrap, a leader in high-speed automated Shrink Packaging Equipment, and Fromm Canada, a Non-Metallic Strapping solutions provider, just to name a few.

Clute Packaging Systems Ltd. distributes reoccurring expendables with high value and low application cost. Our carefully selected suppliers include Inteplast & Fine Packaging in concert with our line-up of Clute Signature Series Pallet Wrapping & Food Grade Machine & Hand Stretch Films, Bollore Inc's line of world class Shrink Film Products.

We proudly supply Recyclable Overwrapping Films for the Produce & Mushroom Industry. Each of these supplier products makes a superior contribution to the continuation of consistent and trouble-free customer processes.

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Clute Packaging Service Policy

For customers and prospects in need of assistance with process or application issues, we offer on site consulting services. Typically this could include machine risk assessment, a full engineering pre-start review with certification or the study and recommendation of the correct process change to obtain maximum return on investment.

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Packaging Machinery Distributor in London, Ontario

As a leader in our industry, with vast experience as a wholesaler and packaging equipment and service provider operating within Southwestern Ontario, our business is mature and constantly evolving with current times.

We provide packaging solutions: Steel Strapping, Polyester Strapping, Stretch Films, Shrink Films, Food Grade Recyclable Stretch Films, all related Machinery & Tooling, Parts/Service & more!

Contact Clute Packaging Systems Ltd. - A Distributor of Packaging Machinery and Related Commodities in London, Ontario Canada.

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Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.
Signature Series

Clute Signature Series products are carefully curated to highest of standards to meet customer satisfaction.

With evolving raw materials and customer requirements, our line up of expendable commodities will assist in keeping your operation in top form.

We invite you to Contact Clute for more details on our world class products.

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About Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.

Our emphasis will always be, customer focused and value driven

Clute Packaging Systems LTD is a regional distributor of specialty packaging machinery and associated expendable commodities for both industry and agriculture.  We are located in London, Ontario, Canada but serve a wide variety of customers in the Eastern Canadian market.

Our business philosophy has evolved over our 45 year history to focus on the development of timely, safety compliant and cost effective packaging solutions that satisfy our customer needs.