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Bolphane Shrink Films

Bolphane BTT+125 - High Speed Polyolefin Shrink Film

This BTT product is ideally suited for application where high speed packaging equipment is running.  Exceptional shrink characteristics on irregular shaped items.

Bolphane BTT+125 can be successfully used in applications ranging from multimedia to publishing items as well as office supplies.

  • Enhanced stiffness for  high speed machine compatibility
  • Instant sealing
  • High shrink characteristics at low temperature
  • Hot slip properties
  • Excellent optics & appearance

Click here for the BTT+125 Data Specifications Sheet

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 BX - Standard Function Shrink Film - Available in 50-60-75-100 gauge.

Features - 3-layer polyolefin shrink film recommended for HFFS machines, static sealing and multipacking applications.

Click here for the BX Data Specifications Sheet

BY - High Performance Shrink Film - Available in 50-60-75-100 gauge.

Features - 5-layer polyolefin shrink film with high percentage shrinkage and fast sealing properties for higher productivity and yield.

Click here for the BY Data Specifications Sheet

 BZ - Tough and Versatile Shrink Film - Available in 60-75-100 gauge.

Features - Cross-linked polyolefin shrink film with enhanced toughness and a broad operating window that is compatible with a wide range of machines and applications.

Click here for the BZ Data Specifications Sheet

 BHE - High Efficiency Shrink Film - Available in 44 gauge.

Features - Enriched polyolefin shrink film formulation designed for high-speed applications and very high yield.

Click here for the BHE Data Specifications Sheet

BLG - High Yield/Low Gauge Shrink Film - Available in 45 gauge.

Features - Cross-linked technology in a high yield, low gauge shrink film that provides material savings and production efficiencies while delivering exceptional shelf appeal.

Click here for the BLG Data Specifications Sheet

BRN - Soft Shrink Film- Available in 60 gauge.

Features - Soft shrink polyolefin shrinkÄ‚‚ film with high gloss and clarity that provides excellent retail characteristics.

Sorry, no Data Specifications Sheet available for BRN

 BRX - Tough, High shrink, low temperature Shrink Film - Available in 45, 50, 60  and 75 gauge.

Features - Cross-linked technology in a tough, high shrink film, low temperature shrink film that resists tearing and puncturing while conforming perfectly to irregularly shaped items.

Click here for the BRX Data Specifications Sheet

BFF - Anti-fog Shrink Film - Available in 45 and 60 gauge

Features - This shrink film is designed for products refrigerated to ensure quality, high performance antifog properties deliver outstanding gloss and clarity.

Click here for the BFF Data Specifications Sheet

BYO - Oxo-biodegradable Shrink Film - Available in 45-50-60-75-100 gauge

Features - Bolphane BYO is formulated to be totally degradable in the enironment. At the end of its useful life, it fragments and oxidizes by the effect of light and heat It then becomes assimilable by soil micro-organisms and eventually disappears, leaving only water, carbon dioxide and biomass. The technical characteristics of BYO insure outstanding results on manual machines as well as on high speed automatic equipment. It has exceptional sealing and shrinkabe properties at low temperatures, requiring less energy and is available in Singlewound (BYO-SW) or in Centrefold (BYO-CF)

Click here for the BYO Data Specifications Sheet

B30 - Ultra thin shrink film - Available in 30 gauge only

Features - Bolphane B30 was developed in particular for applications where economical efficiency as well as performance on high-speed packaging equipment is a must.  Its outstanding yield and thin gauge allows for material saving and increases the roll length which provides productivity improvement from less roll changes.  Reducing the number of rolls, further allows for saving on storage space and on the disposal costs associated with reduced packaging (pallets, boxes, and cores).  Fully recyclable, Bolphane B30 combines today's eco-design trends with lean manufacturing practices.

Click here for the B30 Data Specifications Sheet

Bolphane Perforated Films

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