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Orion Flex RTD Rotary Tower Deluxe Semi-Automatic stretch wrapping machine

Orion Flex RTD Rotary Tower Deluxe Semi-Automatic stretch wrapping machine

Performance Features
• 16 RPM Variable Speed Tower
• No Maximum Load Weight Capacity
• High Performance Film Delivery Carriage
• Floor Mounted Control Panel for Flexibility
• Precision Ring Bearing Drive system
• AC/VFD Motors for Reduced Maintenance
• Structural Steel Construction for Durability
• Heavy Duty Chain & Sprocket Drive
• Tower Mounted Obstacle Sensing System

Industrial Strength Drive & Support

Tower support and drive is supplied via a precision ring bearing driven by heavy duty chain for maximum reliability in harsh industrial conditions. Orion's RevoLogic provides precise wrap counting and home positioning.
Orion Insta-Thread Film Delivery System 

Film threading is fast, easy and safe thanks to the simple "drop-in" film loading. Simply open the gate, drop the film tail in, close the gate.

RT Series Specifications

RTD: Up to 30 – 40 loads per hour

Based on 80” tall load, 12 revolutions


RTD: 52"W x 52"L x 80"H (74" Diagonal)

InstaThread Film Delivery System
Film roll: 20” Standard, 30” Optional, 10" diameter
Standard prestretch ratio: 260% (higher available)
Ultra low wrap to within 1.5” of floor
Automatic load height sensing photoeye
Automatic film force-to-load control

2,500+ lbs. (Varies with options)

115/1/60, 20 Amp electrical service 

Click here for a Brochure of the Orion Flex Series of Stretch Wrappers

Watch the Orion Flex RTD in action by viewing the video below 

Other options available, consult Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.