Technology Means Efficiency and Productivity to Our Customers

Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.  is very proud of the fact that we have continued to grow our business since its inception in 1985. One of the many facets of our business that has fostered growth is our adaptation of technology both within the company management process, as well as the services we provide to our customers.

Many of our clients are in the food and beverage manufacturing industry and that sector has continued its substantial growth with no end in sight.


Here are some facts from Invest in Ontario:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing is now a $36.9-billion industry in Ontario
  • Ontario is host to 52,000 Ontario farms,more than 200 agricultural commodities
  • Ontario’s strategic location, combined with our extensive transportation infrastructure, allows us to reach 141 million consumers within a day’s drive of Ontario. This market is worth $19 TRILLION (with a T)

To service our growing customer base, and in turn to allow our customers to meet the ever-increasing demands of their markets, we have utilized technology in several areas.

“We are always looking for ways to make the business run more efficiently and effectively and to help pass on these efficiencies to our customers in terms of cost savings, better productivity, less downtime, faster response time” says company spokesperson Patricia Clute.

A good example of this forward thinking occurred when company founder Barry Clute purchased one of the very first IBM computers back in the 80’s, when they were very expensive. Barry understood that to provide the best customer service to an expanding customer base he had to embrace technology, and even though it meant a fairly long learning curve it was the right thing to do. “We aren’t afraid to be done with the old and take on the new even if it isn’t popular or well known. Barry is very forward thinking this way and has streamlined our business to make it increasingly more productive” explained Mrs Clute.

The purchase this year of a new service van further illustrates the customer oriented thinking that goes into the decision making process at Clute Packaging Systems. “We needed a new service van and although there were many to choose from that would have given us the storage capacity that we required, there was one that gave us something the others did not… the Ram ProMaster 2500 high roof increased headroom in the gives us the ability to work inside the van on a customer site. It may seem like a small thing but to us it means that in some cases we can complete a job onsite instead of driving back to our shop. So even though the van was more expensive, again, it was the right thing to do to provide the best customer service possible.” she said.

If you would like to see what Clute Packaging Systems Ltd. can do to enhance your business, feel free to contact us by phone through our toll free number 1-888-402-5883 or  contact us by email at:



Clute Packaging Systems Ltd. and NSCA-Canada

Clute Packaging Systems Ltd. has a strong relationship with NSCA-Canada and subsequently the National Sporting Clays Association in San Antonio, Texas.
Barry and Patricia Clute’s passion for sporting clays has prompted them to support and promote NSCA – Canada and registered shooting in Canada. These efforts have allowed them to assist various shooting clubs throughout Canada to become educated in the benefits of being an NSCA – Canada registered club.

NSCA Canada

NSCA-Canada assists in developing the NSCA brand of shooting throughout the Canadian provinces and with so many excellent shooters spanning the country is hopeful to produce a National team in the not too distant future.  Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.’s involvement has been to sponsor NSCA-Canada by building and maintaining the website, promoting branding through marketing emails and overseeing the NSCA-Canada Facebook page. Through these efforts, they have been able to assist NSCA-Canada in maintaining an online presence and increasing the visibility of the sport.. NSCA has over 22,000 members involved in the U.S., Canada and various other countries around the world.  It has grown to a size of over 600 different member clubs..

Since the early 1990s, the National Sporting Clays Association which was originally founded in the United States, has expanded worldwide into countries such as Canada where it continues to develop the skill sets of new and existing members alike.
As elected delegates for NSCA – Canada, Barry Clute, R.J. Eldred, Luther Cutts and Maritime Representative George McAuley, (all volunteers) strive to meet their mandate of expanding the NSCA-Canada brand.  This translates into an increase in both members and clubs throughout the provinces.  They would like to encourage individuals who are interested in pursuing this shooting sport to contact them through the NSCA-Canada web site at

“Being part of something bigger than yourself and for the benefit of others is important to both of us”  We hope that you will share this vision to help to move NSCA-Canada to ongoing improvement both in Canada and internationally” Barry and Patricia Clute