Are we partners to our suppliers?

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Blog by Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.

At Clute Packaging we continually strive to provide the best value to our customers and we are always searching for ways to improve our service. With this in mind, we came across a great blog post that we felt would be beneficial.

Earlier this month, a popular blog we subscribe to called Thomasnet published a post entitled “Partners vs. Suppliers – Which One Are Buyers Looking For? “. After reading it we decided to do a little exercise and see how we stacked up.

Blog by Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.

First of all, the reason this post got our attention is because it hits right to the sweet spotof our philosophy at Clute Packaging, and that is that we have built our business on becoming partners with our customers. They trust us to provide the best solution for their packaging requirements, and that goes way beyond just selling and installing hardware.

The blog post on Thomasnet lists five factors that can position a business as a supplier and not simply a vendor. We decided to see how we stacked up:

1. Prove your value
Our association with Pro Mach allows us to be a total end to end packaging solution, with an easily accessible parts supply and tremendous resources for consulting.

2. Price is not king
Anyone who has read our previous blog posts realizes our position on price. We strongly recommend to our customers that they consider the overall value and not just the cost of equipment. As it says in the post: “upfront cost savings don’t always translate to longterm value, and can actually end up costing more over time if there are quality or reliability issues.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

3. Tell your story
The post says “Putting a human face on your business creates a connection.” We think the fact that we are a family business that has been growing for 30 years allows us to check this box!

4. Be upfront and proactive
The key phrase here is “how you differentiate yourself from the competition.” We think that the philosophy that has guided our company for the past 30 years speaks to how we strive to differentiate ourselves from other suppliers in this industry. Our standard practice of complying with CSA Z432-4 guidelines even though it puts us at a price disadvantage sets us apart from companies that sell on cheap price only.

5. Go beyond the transaction
This is something we do as a matter of course, and we always have. Our association with Pro Mach affords us very unique opportunities to be “innovation leaders” and keep our customers aware of new technologies.

In summary, we found this exercise very enlightening. It is good to know that we cover all the points in the Thomasnet post on how to be partners with our customers. One thing that we felt should have been mentioned, however, is what we will call Point 6:
“Always strive to be better today than you were yesterday.”

If you would like investigate partnering with us for your end to end packaging requirements, call us at 1-888-402-5883