Saputo Cheese, Authentic Italian cheese maker since 1954

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Giuseppe Saputo, who was a master cheesemaker in the village of Montelepre, Sicily, wanted to make a better life for his family. In 1950 he took his oldest son Frank and emigrated to Canada, leaving behind many family members.  Two years later, some of them joined him in Montreal.  This included his brother Luigi and his sisters Rosalia, Elina, Maria and Antonina.

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Giuseppe could see opportunity for a master cheese maker in Canada so in 1954 with $500 he bought some basic cheese making equipment and a bicycle for deliveries and founded Saputo Cheese.

Today, the Saputo brand is recognized as a premium supplier of high quality Italian cheeses, including mozzarella, gouda, swiss and Monterey Jack to name a few.  Even today, the Saputo family still prides itself on the dedicated passion of its expert cheese-makers.

We at Clute Packaging Systems Ltd. are proud to count Saputo as one of our customers.  We recognize their amazing accomplishment in starting ever so small and through hard work and determination, creating a world-class brand.  It is that type of commitment we try to bring to our customers every day.

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