Is it time to automate wrapping your products?

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Blog by Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.

Purchasing agents and engineers are always faced with a lot of decisions on a daily and weekly basis on how to improve their cost and/or work environment for the better.

Blog by Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.

One such way (if you work in an industrial environment) is to replace wrapping by hand wrap with an efficient stretch wrapper for pallet wrapping applications.  If you are using copious amounts of hand wrap you are probably a great candidate for such a change.  Have you asked yourself if wrapping by hand is the most cost effective, fast and safe way for your packaging applications?  Well read on and find out some good reasons that you should be considering a stretch wrapper.

  1. Employee safety (this is a big one) and it gets bigger as time goes on, repetitive movement injuries from overuse by wrapping products is a simple fix.
  2. Quality Control  and/or consistent and uniform application – with a wrapper you are going to get a consistent wrapping look each time, whereas your loads will be only as good as your hand wrapping employee or employees!
  3. Customer Satisfaction – your customers will love the polished, professional packages they receive from you because you have invested in a wrapper
  4. Film Savings – We can perform a test on your premises to actually show you how you can save money this way.  This would include anything from using less film to cutting unneeded staff.  Just ask us! or call our Toll Free number 1-888-402-5883.
  5. Load integrity – a stretch wrapping machine is much more capable of wrapping a load with consistent force around the entire load when you compare this to an employee, no matter how good they are!

Need more reasons for a change?  Contact us for a no cost or obligation survey and meeting of your facility to see if we can save you money!

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